The Difference between Logo Design and Branding

Often perceived as synonyms, Logo Design and Branding are miles apart in terms of what they actually mean in marketing terms. No doubt, both serve the brand value and are an integral part of the marketing process. But still, they are very different when looked upon closely at their features.

Before knowing the difference, have a look at their individualities.

Logo Design

The logo is a brand’s visual identity that personifies the brand’s characteristics in visual terms. It is basically how the company distinguishes itself from the competitors and gets portrayed in the market.


A brand is how people perceive a company in terms of the feel of the products and services that it delivers. Both practically and emotionally, a brand draws a company’s image in the consumer’s mind. Such a relationship between a person and a brand is triggered due to cues such as brand name, products, advertising and also includes a logo design.

How is Logo Design different from Branding?

All in all, branding is simply giving your customers solid reasons to choose your products over the competitor ones. It is a strategically planned marketing process to portray a brand in the market amongst a plethora of competitors and make a difference.

On other hand, logo design is just designing a logo that can reflect a brand’s persona.
As branding is a much wider concept, logo design is just a fraction of brand building but it’s in fact the most important element of branding that puts forth the brand identity. Apart from this logo design has much more to contribute to branding such as;

1. Quick recall value:

The sole purpose of branding is to recall the whole brand experience with just a glance. And this can be fulfilled by logo design very quickly. It’s how your clients or customers can recognize your brand initially.

2. Consistency across platforms:

As businesses are everywhere today, so are their logos. Hence it helps in creating a consistent brand feel among various channels such as on the website, visiting cards, banners, invoices and other collaterals.

3. Portrays professionalism:

Having a prim and proper logo portrays the professionalism of a brand and its culture. This makes the brand more trustworthy and reliable to do business with. For this, a logo designer can help in a great way to come up with best-in-class ideas for an innovative and unique logo design.

4. Boosts brand loyalty:

People connect with the brand based on how it looks and once the connection is established, then it stays forever. Whether it be potential customers, clients or investors, the logo will make them remain connected with the brand and organisation every time they see it.

5. Escape Competition:

In order to escape the competition in the industry, it is equally important to have a logo that shows what the brand is and is not. By using relevant typographies, fonts and colours, a logo can make your brand not only stand out but also shine among others.

In a nutshell, a logo is a graphical element that reflects the brand but without a brand, it’s just a design on paper. Whereas, a brand can’t be a brand without any logo in the first place. It would be a traditional business instead.

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